domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

Yeah! The summer comes, and we have to go to shopping the new designer collections. And... today, we will go shopping with Missyosoytu, the girl that makes the graphic. :) Thank you.
The colors of this summer.. Will be mad colours, and oils. This summer will be fashion.
How to make them unique?
To make it unique, you have to wear like a diva! Or think that you wear like a diva :P But... wear a basic looks. Like a white shirt and skirt, and a brown belt, like the model. It's ah-mazing!

Be fashion, be yourself, and don't follow the trends, do the greatest to make that fashion follow you.
And.. Remember be Yourself.

Graphic made by missyosoytu.Don't copy. (c)

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